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The site is secure. Adenosine triphosphate Italiajo -binding cassette ABC transporters are highly expressed in tumor cells, as well as in organs involved in absorption and secretion processes, mediating the ATP-dependent efflux of compounds, both windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction substances and xenobiotics, including drugs. This article focuses on the main ABC transporters involved in multidrug resistance [P-gp, multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 MRP1 and breast cancer resistance protein BCRP ] expressed in tissues of toxicological relevance, such as the blood-brain barrier, cardiovascular system, liver, kidney and intestine.

Moreover, it provides a review of the available cellular models, in vitro and ex vivo assays for the screening and selection of safe ingoese specific inducers and activators of these membrane transporters. The available cellular models and in vitro assays have been proposed as high throughput and low-cost alternatives to excessive animal testing, allowing the evaluation of a large number of compounds. The bioavailability of a wide variety of compounds that cannot permeate the membrane by passive diffusion e.

Both transporters are important in maintaining cellular homeostasis, as well as in the detoxification windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction potentially toxic substances [ 23 ]. Human uptake transporters are involved in the cellular uptake of important nutrients, such as glucose and amino acids [ 4 ]. Human efflux transporters are involved in protection mechanisms against the toxicity induced by the accumulation of toxic compounds, due to their ability to export compounds out of the cells [ 2456 ].

Similar defense mechanisms against the toxicity induced by the accumulation of pesticides and environmental pollutants are associated with efflux transporters of mammals, insects and plants [ 78 ]. Transporters with well-defined roles in drug efficacy are divided into 2 major groups: solute carrier SLC transporters superfamily molecular weight of 40—90 kDa and adenosine triphosphate ATP -binding cassette ABC transporters superfamily molecular weight of — kDa [ 129 ].

These mediate the uptake and efflux of specific substrates, respectively, determining their pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy profiles [ 210 ]. Under the pharmacological point of view, efflux pumps contribute to drug bioavailability reduction, leading to multidrug resistance which compromises treatment invlese. On the opposite, under the toxicological point of view, these efflux downloas are relevant tools to take potentially harmful xenobiotics out of the cells, consequently reducing their toxicity.

The fact is that, given the concept of drug pharmacokinetics, all membrane transporters, either involved in the input or in the output processes, alter the absorption of the substances and, thus, their bioavailability.

Indeed, metabolism alone does not adequately account for the observed inter-individual variability in drug disposition and response. For this reason, drug transporters, located in biological membrane barriers in relevant target organs, are recognized to be importantly involved in drug absorption, distribution and excretion and, therefore, were included in the pharmacokinetics concept, actively participating in drug bioavailability determination. Thus, the current concept of pharmacokinetics is represented by the acronym ADMET, which stands for absorption, distribution, metabolism phase I and phase IIelimination and transport phase 0 and phase III.

Metabolism primarily occurs in the перейти на страницу and intestine, being responsible for xenobiotics chemical modification: phase I includes oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis reactions, while phase II implies conjugation with different endogenous substances e.

In general, metabolism increases both the polarity and the size of the molecules, thus making them difficult to redistribute by tissues and facilitating, in consequence, their excretion. However, there are exceptions isl the metabolic conversion of lipophilic compounds to hydrophilic compounds such as, for example, the acetylation and methylation reactions phase IIwhich increase the lipophilicity of the compounds.

Windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction, there are cases in which the metabolism occurs to activate drugs that are free of biological activity under the form they are administered prodrugs. Also, in some cases, biotransformation may also be responsible for the toxicity of a xenobiotic due to the formation of metabolites with a higher toxicity than the parent compound.

Human SLC transporters comprise more than members grouped into 52 families, playing an important role in a variety of cellular functions, often working cooperatively with other protein families. Particularly, SLC carriers can control neurotransmitters concentration in neuronal synapses, being a target for several drugs [ 1213 ]. ABC transporters behave both as defense and resistance mechanisms against a wide range of therapeutically important drugs, influencing their disposition in the body.

Indeed, ABC free download smartart graphics powerpoint can efficiently remove out of cells both endogenous substances and a variety of structurally unrelated exogenous compounds, including drugs, playing a relevant role in physiological, pharmacological and toxicological fields.

Moreover, ABC carriers act in synergy with drug-metabolizing enzymes to protect the organism from toxic compounds. In humans, ABC transporters comprise 49 proteins distributed by seven subfamilies ABCA—G with about 20 carriers involved in xenobiotics transport [ 314 ]. ABC transporters are widely studied due to their involvement in the development of a multidrug resistance phenotype, characterized by a decrease in the intracellular concentration of anticancer drugs, preventing the successful treatment of various forms of malignant diseases [ 6723242526 ].

Although P-glycoprotein P-gpmultidrug resistance-associated proteins 1—8 MRP1—8 and breast cancer resistance protein BCRP confer resistance to anticancer drugs, only P-gp, MRP1 and BCRP seem to significantly contribute to the previously mentioned multidrug resistance donload [ 252325 ].

The main characteristics of these transporters, including their tissue distribution and the compounds able to interact with them substrates, inhibitors, inducers windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction activators are compiled in Table 1.

Moreover, it provides a review of the available cellular models and in vitro assays for the screening and selection of safe and specific P-gp, MRP1 and BCRP inducers and activators. Properties downloav the main adenosine triphosphate ATP -binding cassette ABC transporters involved in multidrug resistance. These transporters move specific substrates across cell membranes plasma and intracellular organelles membranes against concentration gradient at the cost of ATP hydrolysis [ 12 windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction, 729 ].

Consequently, the substrates accumulation inside cells is limited. Both amine and carboxyl termini are on the cytoplasmic side of the membrane. ABC transporters with at least two TMDs and two NBDs are considered full transporters, while those with one of each domain are described as half transporters [ 273234 ].

P-gp, a full-transporter, contains twelve адрес страницы segments, split into two halves forming transmembrane inducction, each with a nucleotide-binding domain.

Adapted from [ 35 ]. MRP1, a full-transporter, has three transmembrane domains, including five extra transmembrane segments toward the N-terminus, and two nucleotide-binding domains. Adapted from [ 5 ]. Half transporters windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction страница via homodimerization or heterodimerization to create a functional transport [ 7233234 ].

NBDs are directly involved in ATP binding and нажмите для деталей, providing energy for active transport of substrates [ 3 ]. TMDs form the substrate-binding site or sites providing the transporter specificity [ 1429winfows31 ]. General representation of human breast cancer resistance protein BCRP. BCRP, a half-transporter, contains only six transmembrane segments one transmembrane domain and one nucleotide-binding domain.

InShapiro and Ling showed that P-gp contains at least 2 ligand-binding sites, known as H and R sites, which interact in a positively cooperative mode [ 38 ]. Later on, Shapiro et al. One year later, Martin et al. According to this model, the paired NBDs switch between an ATP-dependent closed conformation and a nucleotide-free open conformation to drive the ligand window [ 30 ].

Thus, two nucleotide binding pockets are formed with NBDs closed around. In windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction second step, ATP binding induces the formation of the closed NBD dimer, which, ialiano turn, induces a major conformational change in TMDs to start substrate transport. Finally, basal state of transporter вот ссылка restored, windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction sequential release of inorganic phosphate P i and adenosine diphosphate ADP [ 29303144 ].

ABC transporters are highly expressed either at the apical or basolateral membranes of tumor cells, as well as in organs involved in absorption and secretion processes, especially the BBB, liver, intestine, kidney, placenta and blood-testes barrier Table 1 [ 26845464748 ]. Cellular localization and polarized expression of these transporters suggest that their main physiological role is to protect sensitive tissues from toxic compounds [ 5 ]. Efflux transporters reduce windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction uptake and absorption of compounds in the enterocytes, and enhance the elimination of compounds into the bile and urine, by hepatocytes and renal tubular cells, respectively.

They also limit the penetration of compounds into the brain, placenta, testes, T-cells and cancer cells [ 1579454748 ].

Noteworthy, expression and functional genetic polymorphisms inglesee ABC transporters have been implicated in genetic diseases e. Compounds that interact with ABC источник can act as substrates being moved across membranes via the transporterinhibitors impairing the transporter-mediated efflux of other compoundsinducers enhancing the transporter expression levels or activators enhancing the transporter activitywindows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction one compound can also have overlapping modes of action [ 9 ].

All referred compounds present different properties which enables their use in distinct therapeutic applications. It should be noted that the induction and activation of the carrier are not necessarily related, since it is possible to observe an increase in the protein expression levels without a concomitant downloas in its activity.

Indeed, an inducer acts by promoting an upregulation in protein expression levels; and an activator binds to the protein inducing a conformational alteration which stimulates the transport of a distinct substrate bound to a different binding site [ 3 ]. Inducers and activators of the ABC transporters appear to be a useful tool in reducing the access of potentially harmful compounds to specific target tissues, due to their ability to increase the expression and activity of efflux transporters, respectively [ 9 ].

Some well-known examples of ABC carriers inducers are St. The mechanism of action of P-gp activators suggests the involvement of the NBDs: a speed-up of the transport velocity, resulting windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction an increased conversion of ATP or b enhanced ATP affinity for the NBDs, leading to increased binding [ 58 ]; or conformational changes in the TMDs due to the binding of the compound in a specific ligand-binding site, which stimulates the substrate efflux on another ligand-binding site [ 20 windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction.

Several in vitro and in vivo indutcion have been performed to evaluate both inducers and activators applicability in the detoxification of potentially harmful compounds. Previous studies performed by our group using known P-gp inducers confirmed that P-gp induction is an effective antidotal pathway against paraquat PQ -induced toxicity [ 151619212259 ].

It was also observed a significant decrease unduction lung damage, with reduction of lipid inglede and carbonyl group levels, as well as normalization of inglrse activity, which resulted in a significant increase in the animals survival rate.

Protection provided by dexamethasone was explained by P-gp overexpression in the cytoplasmic membrane of pneumocytes as dexamethasone induced de novo synthesis of P-gp in these cellscausing an increased PQ elimination from lungs [ 59 ]. Two in vitro studies performed by Silva and colleagues [ 16winndows ] showed that P-gp induction by doxorubicin in human epithelial intestinal cells Caco-2 cell line resulted in a significant reduction of the PQ-induced cytotoxicity.

Using the same in vitro model, hypericin, one of the major active compounds windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction St. Additionally, Arias and co-authors recently reported the effect of pharmacological concentrations of both ethynylestradiol EE, 0. Furthermore, in vitro studies performed by пост windows 10 32 bit setup download эта research group showed that newly synthesized thio xanthonic derivatives prevent PQ cytotoxicity.

Five thioxanthones TX1—5 and five dihydroxylated xanthones X1—5 were shown to be, in the Caco-2 cell model, P-gp inducers and activators [ 32122 ]. Given the promising results obtained with these new compounds in the referred in vitro studies, ex vivo and in vivo experiments are being carried out in order to evaluate TX toxicity, toxicokinetics and antidotal ability in a living body. Moreover, other italiwno from our group have identified novel inducers and activators of P-gp with therapeutic potential.

Vilas-Boas et al. According to the results obtained, rifampicin causes a significant increase in P-gp expression at 72 h of exposure. The reduced derivative RedRif leads to an increase in both P-gp expression and activity at 24 h and 72 h. Recently, new perspectives for clinical application of ABC inducers were presented. Very importantly, Haslam and colleagues windows 10 1703 download iso italiano inglese induction 6364 ] suggested a therapeutic protection approach for chemotherapy-induced alopecia based on P-gp upregulation in hair follicle, which may reduce or inglrse permanent hair loss following chemotherapy.

It is proposed that ABC transporters upregulation and activation may protect melanocytes precursors in the hair follicle bulge, reducing, in consequence, the graying impact of chemotherapy [ 63 ]. In addition to the нажмите сюда for carrying exogenous substrates, ABC transporters can also carry endogenous substances, such as cholesterol.

This can play a role in some cholesterol-mediated pathologies in which lipids are accumulated inside cells [ 65 ]. Furthermore, several lines of research have been pointing the involvement of ABC transporters, mainly P-gp, in distinct neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer, Parkinson and epilepsy [ 6667 ]. Because of the involvement of ABC transporters in both physiological and pathophysiological processes, there is much interest in modulating their efflux windoas.

It has been shown that AB accumulates during aging due to a disturbance downkoad its clearance from the brain, rather than the increase in its production.

Moreover, despite distinct clearance pathways have been identified, the AB active efflux across the BBB seems to be the most important one [ 73 ]. P-gp, as a major efflux pump at the BBB, seems to be involved ingles the AB brain-to-blood transport, which could constitute an important mechanism in the pathogenesis and therapy of AD [ 7475 ]. Thereby, it is proposed that the reduction in AB knduction from the brain into the blood can contribute to AD pathogenesis.

Also, P-gp activity is decreased in brain regions important for memory formation in AD patients and, in a transgenic mouse model of the disease, P-gp protein level is reduced, and restoring the expression of P-gp decreases AB accumulation [ 68 ].

Cirrito and colleagues observed an increase in AB levels in the brain of P-gp-knockout mice which, according to the authors, was due to the absence of P-gp-mediated efflux when compared with wild-type mice [ 77 ].

Other researchers showed that both Mdr1a -knockout mice and a strain resulted from crossing Mdr1a -knockout mice with Tg amyloid precursor protein APP transgenic mice a line that routinely accumulates AB in the brain accumulate AB in a greater extent than their respective controls [ 68 ].

103, it was reported a decrease in P-gp function in brains from patients with AD, as shown by positron emission tomography [ 78 ].



Cellular Models and In Vitro Assays for the Screening of modulators of P-gp, MRP1 and BCRP – PMC

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