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Сьюзан осталась стоять. – Коммандер, если вы все еще горите желанием узнать алгоритм Танкадо, то можете заняться этим без. Я хочу уйти. Стратмор глубоко вздохнул. Ясно, что без объяснений ему не обойтись.



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Thanks to UCyborg, you can easily play again drakan pc game wonderful game. BoneyJuvy 0 point. Is there a way to have the game alt-tab? I tried, but apparently it doesn’t work. Pyrine 0 point. Surik 1 drakan pc game. I tried downloading the gake patcher to be able to install the game multiple times, and each time I tried downloading the patcher drakan pc game came with a virus.

This drrakan such a good game, one of my all time favorites as a child. I want to be able to play it again, but I would like it drakan pc game be virus free. Is there another gsme I can make my Windows drakan pc game computer install it without viruses. These patches especially since they are third party ones are not very reliable.

You never know what kind of malware may be injected into them. If anyone knows of another drakan pc game to make a Windows 10 recognize and install this old, but awesome game, I’m all ears.

Also, I’ve already tried downloading the patch from the Ahrok’s Lair site, and that too gave me a virus. MadRock13 0 point. Rock Out! Ppc Off! Rock On! Блестящая windows 10 professional home network free download смотреть 1 draka.

I tried yesterday to install it but like mentioned it’s ISO is of a strange format. But I’ll yame it another day. Thnx anyways for all the good games you share with us :.

Maniaco 4 points. This drakxn one gzme the most underrated games ever. Should be amongst the classics. I think it was let down by it’s horrible ending. EXE 2 points. To the last guy regarding language: The most likely reason most of these games are preserved ppc English is because it’s the most common language, and most games were developed with english primarily.

HanSulu points. Why do you try to only preserve the games in English? Especially when you think about the little fact that some of these games aren’t even English games in the gamw place.

Considering that you can’t even play the Gothic version with English dubbing, it’s the worst. BDK 1 point. Not iso but mdf. EXE 21 points. Whoever left that last comment, you’re an idiot. These people have done nothing but upload the game to try and preserve it, you have no right to come here and be rude for no reason.

Winrar you drakan pc game literally just download, nobody forces you to buy it. This is an OLD game. If you even remotely know anything about old PC games; it’s that most of them either flat out don’t work on newer systems or will need patches and tweaks to even get running.

That’s not the fault of the people that uploaded it here, OR the drakan pc game, it’s just a problem with how newer operating systems function compared to how older ones did. Go be an asshole somewhere else, instead of drakan pc game things on others for no reason. Cyrus points. Rohit -1 point. Rivalus 1 point. I remember this. I choose this instead of Tomb Raider and never regret it. It made you a Dragonrider.

Johnny-boy 21 points. Thanks for game! It works as should be! Since people have problems installing the crakan, let me give some basic instructions. Go to your virtual drive and double click Посмотреть больше. Install game drakab.

After game have installed to drakan pc game hard drive, your have to make important decision. Do you want the game use srakan 9. If you have Windows 10, it is better use directX11, because game have less problems. Here is a tricky part, if you want Drakan use directX 11, you need Reshade utility program, because you need directX Install community patch installer.

Run dgvoodooCPL. Play the game. Chris 0 point. Twi2T -1 point. Guy can anyone explain me how to instal thios game. What i need to drakam all steps pls if it’s possible. Tnx for helping me. I am able to install the game bame when i click on the difficulty level, the game drakan pc game. Could smebody please help. Thanks awfully in advance. Jake Logan 0 point. This is an amazing game! I used to play it all the time when Draksn was younger.

I can’t believe I can try it again. My CD broke during the move and this archive is awesome! I’m amazed how many awesome games there are in here especially from when I was young! This is по ссылке awesome site!

Yoshi 1 point. Everyone who has посмотреть больше running a game after installation: the “no CD” error went away for me drakan pc game installing the official patch, which is available here.

Also “iso” here is a weird “mds” file, which I was not able to mount in any program. Fortunately MagicIso Magic Disk could open it, so I saved as regular “iso” file and srakan was able to mount it and install the game. Robs 0 point. Cool Game thx It seems with that version the never ending health potion bug doesn’t work annymore. Isma -1 point. I install the http://replace.me/19048.txt with no peoblem, it opens but when I start new game get an error in dragon.

Could anyone help me out here. The Best 2 points. Jo Fo 2 points. Gwme help. Jo Fo 0 point. I’m having difficulties opening the game, I got a program to read the MDF files, I can get to the install screen, draka it says there is no disk. Crowbar Barbarian 0 point. Ah, one of my favorites! I was drakan pc game disappointed the sequel was a console exclusive.

Thanks for the chance to replay this gem. Mike directx sdk download for windows 10 point.

This was my favourite game as a child – and still is now when i look back on it. Tru -2 points. I played a game called Drakan back in 99 or but couldn’t do much or anything in the game. It just seemed like endless terrain and little else.


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