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This document shows how to process for both. Select From Gview.

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Be sure you have the latest information! Information might have changed or been added since this document was published. The latest version of the doc- ument is installed with Mastercam or can mzstercam obtained from your local Reseller.

A ReadMe file ReadMe. PDF — installed with each release — includes the mastercam 2018 background color free information about Mastercam features and enhancements. This tutorial provides an introduction to Mastercam Wire workflow and best practices. WARNING: Screen colot in the backgrlund pictures were modified to enhance image quality; they may not match your Mastercam settings or the tutorial results.

These color differences do not affect the lesson or your results. Estimated time to complete this tutorial: 2. We recommend that you com- plete them in order. Unless the tutorial bakground specific instructions on where to place these mastercam 2018 background color free, store them in a folder that can be access from the Mastercam workstation, either with the tutorial or in any location that you prefer. All videos can be found on backgrouhd YouTube channel: www.

The tutorial provides instructions for loading the appropriate configuration file. This lesson focuses on the basic workflow used to create a wire contour toolpath. Exercise 1: Getting Started with Toolpath Creation In this exercise, you open a part and select a machine backgriund that simulates a wire EDM machine. The gear shape is mastercsm single contour for this toolpath.

Mastercam Wire also needs a thread point for the toolpath, which is the ссылка на продолжение where the machine threads the wire, often a pre-drilled backgrojnd in the material. Fref creating a thread point in Mastercam mastegcam selecting it stuttering download 10 games free windows all part of the toolpath, it becomes associative, which means the toolpath updates if the point moves.

The thread point symbol may be hard to see depending on your background color. Before you begin to identify the thread point, zoom into the area if you need to see it more clearly. Drag and drop the graphics window prompt and press [Spacebar] to access Mastercam 2018 background color free mode and type in the point coordinates. Because the prompt window hides anything under it, you may not want to move it over information displayed in Toolpaths Manager, or any used sidebar areas.

Type X, Y0. Mastercam 2018 background color free point with the thread symbol displays to the left of mastercam 2018 background color free part. The machine definition is a model of your machine tool’s capabilities and features. It provides a template for setting up machining jobs. Choosing the machine definition adds mastercam 2018 background color free machine group and a toolpath group to the Toolpaths Manager. Toolpaths you create are placed at the red arrow in this list. Choose File, Save As and bsckground the part under a different file name.

This protects the original tutorial file from being overwritten. Exercise 2: Setting Up Single Contour Stock Defining a stock model helps you visualize your toolpaths more realistically. You can see your stock boundaries with the part geometry when you backplot or verify toolpath operations.

Select Display and Fit screen to show the stock boundaries and include the boundaries when you use the Fit to Screen function. Right-click in the graphics window and choose Isometric WCS to get a clearer view of the stock boundaries. Chaining is the process of selecting and link- ing pieces of geometry to form the foundation of a toolpath, surface, or solid. When you chain geometry, you select one or more sets of curves lines, arcs, and splines that have adjoining endpoints.

You can also chain points, which is important for setting thread and cut positions in your toolpath. In Mastercam Wire, you can chain either wireframe or solid geometry for your toolpaths. This example involves chaining wireframe geometry. To backgroujd the point with the toolpath, select the thread point you created as the first chain.

Note: When the stock size is close to the part size, the thread point is often outside the stock. Select the gear shape as the second chain. Click on the area closest to the thread point. The green arrow showing chain direction should go in a counterclockwise cplor.

This option breaks the entity closest to the thread point into two pieces so you begin the toolpath with a per- pendicular move. This creates the shortest motion possible between tattoo photo editor free for pc thread point and mastercam 2018 background color free chained geo- metry.

Click OK on the Chaining dialog box to continue to set the wirepath parameters in the Wirepath – Contour dialog box. Exercise 4: Entering Backgrkund Parameters The next step is to set the values for each aspect of the toolpath.

The Wirepath – Contour dialog box includes the options you need to program your part. A power library can contain up to 24 passes. A pass is a single path made by the wire around a contour. Each pass includes unique power settings needed mastercam 2018 background color free cut a certain material type on a certain wire EDM machine.

For example, Pass 1 in the library may correspond to a rough cut, Pass 2 a tab cut, and Passes 3 mastercam 2018 background color free 5 vree cuts also known as skim cuts. This option computes the compensated wirepath and does not output control codes for compensation. This allows you to see a more accurate representation of the toolpath motion.

This page sets various toolpath heights, including the UV bcakground XY heights that indicate the top and bottom of the stock. The rapid height is the Z height mastercam 2018 background color free the upper wire guide for rapid moves. The UV trim plane sets the position of the upper wire guide. The Chain Manager displays for access to the change at point or sorting options.

These options colr discussed in Lesson 2. This display lets you spot errors in the program before you machine the part. Click Display tool and Display holder on the Backplot dialog box to show the wire and guides during back- plot. Exercise mastercam 2018 background color free Changing Toolpath Parameters Although the simple contour toolpath you just created will machine mastercam 2018 background color free part, bacgkround options подробнее на этой странице Mastercam Wire can make your machining more effective.

Change parameters and update the operation to include these new set- tings. Note: As the passes get closer to the final part mastercam 2018 background color free, the wire cuts less material and the overburn decreases.

Set the following parameters on this page bacmground following graphic of new Cut Parameters values :. These additional passes create a better finish on cklor part. Creating a tab on the part keeps it attached to the stock. Instead of cutting in one direction and re-threading the wire, this option makes the wire go backgeound the mastercam 2018 background color free direction at the end of each pass. Note: Notice the change in the cut list. The toolpath motion now includes four passes around frwe chain and a short move to cut the tab.

Because you added a tab cut with a ссылка на продолжение on the Cut Parameters dolor by selecting the Tab option and setting the Tab Width, some of backhround options on the Stops page are already selected. A glue stop is an optional stop using an M01 code that pauses backgrkund machine before the tab cut, and allows the operator to secure the part to prevent dropout backgrpund the tab cut. Starting and ending the toolpath with arc motion reduces the possibility of leaving a burr on the part.

This option shortens the lead out move, instead of forcing the wire to colir from the end of the contour to the cut point. Click Regenerate all mastercam 2018 background color free operations in the Toolpaths Manager to update the contour toolpath with your changes. Exercise 7: Backplotting the Updated Toolpath Use Backplot to verify the changes you made to the contour toolpath. The wire moves to the end of the contour, leaves a tab, travels back and forth around the part during the skim cuts, then cuts the tab.

A special program called a post processor, or gackground, reads your Mastercam file and mastecram the appropriate NC code.

Generally, every machine tool or control will require its own post processor, customized to produce code formatted to meet its exact 22018. Set the post processing parameters as shown.

These settings will ask if you want to save the NC file and will dis- play the resulting file in your default text editor. Scroll through the code and see if it meets your expectations. Congratulations on mastercam 2018 background color free your first Wire toolpath!

The next lesson involves multiple contours. You can select the parts as a group and then sort the chains to generate the toolpath motion you want. Exercise masstercam Preparing the Multiple Contour Part 1. This part includes three contours, three thread points, and four mounting holes. The default Wire machine definition is already selected. Enter the following values to set the stock boundaries and display them in the graphics window:. Click OK to complete the stock setup.

If necessary, right-click in the graphics window and select Isometric WCS. Exercise 2: Selecting Multiple Contour Geometry Instead of chaining each contour, you can quickly mastercam 2018 background color free multiple parts using window chaining. Click at the first point and then drag to the second point shown in the following picture and click again to draw the window продолжение здесь the parts.

Exercise 3: Entering Multiple Contour Toolpath Parameters The parameters for this mastercam 2018 background color free are similar to the ones you entered in Lesson 1. Creating a tab on the part keeps it from dropping out of the stock. The toolpath motion now involves two cuts for each chain, with the rough cut including the stop and the tab cut. Select For each tab to add a stop affinity designer skew free before the tab cut on each chain and As glue stop to add them as optional stops.

This option eliminates potential burrs by overlapping the start and end of the contour by frer entered amount.


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