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After that, try to reinstall the new version. Delete licenses. I downgraded to Parallels I never used Yabai before. Reset Parallels Desktop’s trial and generate a casual email address to register a new user. It may ask for Mac Password too. Click that and you are all set for another 14 days.


Parallels desktop 14 trial reset free.


Apple is closing in on erasing its losses for the year as better-than-feared inflation data fueled a rally in the stock market Wednesday…. Based on industry standards for account authentication, passkeys are easier to use than passwords and far more secure.

Adopt passkeys to…. Skip to content. Shop The Apple Store at Amazon. Reader Feedback Cancel reply. Tags: For All Mankind. I had to reconfigure my network so I can use the device in router mode. Thanks for this great resource. I was able to follow all of these steps and get the AIMesh setup using the 1. However, it seems like my AIMesh node goes offline at least once a day and needs to be reset. Thank you for this superbly clear and precise guide!

When dealing with something as critical as re-flashing, such detail is absolutely essential! Two different routers seem stable and there seems to be little effect on temp at moderate workloads. Very much looking forward to AiMesh version. That will be a great excuse to do this a few more times. Thanks for these instructions.

They worked like a charm though I had to use the reset method. My router was a new one from Amazon. It came with It updated to All seems well except for one thing. On the admin page when I changed the password and tried to save it, it gave me an error with the time zone.

Or I may go for the latest Merlin. I did all the steps and all went fine but my router model name is still TM-AC I am running the latest Asus AIMesh firmware 3. On another forum, they think we need to use CFE 1. Can we update the instructions on how to do that? Now I see that we need to use an aimesh-enabled version of 1. Can anyone help me out in getting into restore mode? Already tried the step in this guide which ends up on the router having power led and lan led on and responds to pings but not loading the CFE Mini Web Server and firmware restoration tool tells me that the router is not in restore mode.

I also tried holding the reset, WPS, and wifi buttons at the same time but still no luck. Firmware Version is 3. Sometimes it toggles, sometimes no, sometimes it behaves as if it was pressed two times. Even pressing hard and firmly sometimes flukes at it.

Could it be possible that the reason for my trouble is a faulty Wifi toggle button? It stops almost as soon as I let go of the WPS button. I however, was able to make the CFE Mini web server show up by having a tab keep on loading From this step, I tried both letting go of the reset button and holding it but the result is the same where the CFE Mini web server page shows up but that only lasts for like a second.

I got mine this through amazon and the seller was Mobile Dist. I had to use Firefox to upload firmware. Are you already using Firefox Quantum or still the old one? I used Firefox Quantum I changed 5G to higher channel The default channel 44 resulted in very short coverage range. Thank you for Alex too for the reply.

Step 7 image would not flash in recovery but worked fine in normal boot, so skipped step 5 and follow the rest to the letter. Skip step 5? The most reliable way for me to get the router to restore mode: 1. Boot up normally first 2. Go check if you could load Press and hold the reset button for 8 seconds or more 5. Reload your index. Once the page stops loading and shows you how many bytes have been uploaded, let go of the reset button in relief and your router should be up and good soon.

Step 8 needs more details. Router has at the moment. Same here. TM-AC is shown all over the places. You need to redo steps 9 through 18 again. What I missed was in step 15 I did not rename the. Nothing else would work to connect. Even Mac Terminal failed to connect. PuTTY gets right in no problem as one might expect. Since everyone on this thread is on a Windows device, and there is no SCP protocol tool available for a Mac, I have come to the conclusion that doing this conversion using a modern Mac is simply impossible.

Not a one of them will connect to the router. It is possible that the hardware on the router is the problem because no company in their right mind would create an SSH tool for Mac if there was something inherrently wrong with OS X that killed SSH on the Mac platform. I need to find a Windows computer to try to complete this conversion.

Does anyone know of a company in San Francisco that rents time on a Windows machine? Or that I could pay to complete the conversion?

It appears this is easy to do on a Windows machine. I consider myself pretty technical but I am not a command line expert and rely on a GUI to get things done. I spent 7 hours yesterday trying. I just wanted to chime in and say that these instructions worked perfectly on a refurb that I just got from Amazon. It still had firmware from release firmware? Thank you for the write up. This guide really simplified the other over abundance of information on the net about this process, your guide had me up and running in about 15 — 20 minutes.

It worked for me perfectly on the latest T-Mobile firmware , if anyone is wondering. Step 15 on the Asus Router flash needs to be updated to reflect selecting 1. That website was recently updated. Without seleting that CFE build the router will never find the node. I managed to download the firmware, but the I also tried to install the newest firmware, hoping to enable AIMesh, but I could not get it installed, either by the file on a USB Thumbdrive or directly downloading.

I went back to my Linux workstation, which is also of course directly wired to the router, and went to see what the deal might be. I went to reload the login screen and was presented with the miniCF page!

I think the reason for this might be that I have a custom subnet, From that point, I followed the instructions to a T and everything worked great. Thanks so much for providing this howto! Oh, and I was on the latest T-Mobile firmware when I did this. At the end i was able to get into recovery mode y holding reset before, after and during the flash of the downgraded version.

Besides that i had to change to esge explorer because for sone reason incognito chrome never worked!!! Any suggestions? Try the merlin builds instead. Log in first, then enter commands. Did I miss something? Well done explicit instruction. I was able to flash to asuswrt firmware successfully with your help. I have flashed to Tomato firmware, now want to flash to Asus firmware. Do I complete all the steps, or where do I pick up at?

Easiest way to get there. Was it as simple as loading a new CFE, using 1. Both have been successfully flashed. I was able to set one as the router but not able to search the other router to set it up as a node. Can someone please help? Nice, thanks for the heads up. Can anyone confirm if the 1. Yes, use the 1. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. Tried again using IE 8 and it worked perfectly. Muito obrigado! I am starting to play with the AiMesh option with an existing model.

Thanks for the write up. Got it done via Ubuntu without having to go to Windows, and it worked okay with a couple of minor issues. Any expirience? Same happend to me but when i checked the BL version it was still 1. Which is the most current CFE to use? Answer: I used 1. Updated the firmware on the AC68U via web interface with no issues….. AiMesh works perfectly!! Nathan, are you using a converted tm-ac for your main router in your aimesh setup, or just for the node s?

The 1. Check out the following thread for more info on this CFE. Can someone help, i cant get pass step Putty and winscp says that connection refused to I followed this guide just prior to the 1.

So, for my router running regular 1. The only reason for downgrade is to enable ssh…if you already have ssh access, no downgrade is necessary. This no longer works after upgrading the bios to 3. Yes this happened to me as Well. Do not update to the new firmware. Aimesh will no longer be available if you do. My app said that there was an update available, so I updated from my pc. After that both ac went offline but still said rt-ac68u.

Could not get the aimesh to connect. He said that it had been only released for one day, but he said that was the latest firmware and should be fine. Then I tried to downgrade using the method from here and could not get into cfe. So now im stuck with two ac that are useless.

Check the CFE version. It is possible the latest firmware updated the CFE to 1. If so one has to roll the CFE back to a prior version in addition to rolling back the firmware. Then rolled back the firmware.

Basically start from Step 16 in the directions. I was able to get AiMesh back by staying with the previous firmware 3. People are reporting the latest firmware that breaks the AiMesh appears to work fine in all other respects.

Cannot stress this enough. I was not able to either. However i was able to use the asus recovery tool. Ran the firmware updater. I did have my adapter set to I was able to connect wirelessly via As I too did the firmware update and it took my node out of the mesh.

Exact same thing happened to me. This update is now on there support page for download. Wondering would you lose AiMesh if it was an official Rt-Ac68u? If so, then they should be coming with a fix. Why is my download speed considerably slower when its connected to my AiMesh Node? Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a setting that can be changed to make it better? Are you using the node router? If so you could have a weak connection in between the two routers. My signal strength is 5 bars when I check from the ac to ac68u.

They are less than 10ft apart. Ac is in my Living room and ac68u in the garbage. I have two that I just converted and used the 1. I get the option in QIS, but when I try to set up an AiMesh router, it skips and goes straight to the page for setting up the radio. Could you provide links to all the downloads from their respective sources? I flashed the 1. What can I do if I want to re-flash up to 1.

Why do you think 1. What specific issue are you having with AiMesh? What firmware version are you using? If you really want to change the CFE just follow the steps in the directions at the top where one copies the CFE to the router and writes it.

Just a headsup on prerequisites for newbies like me: 1. Plug your computer directly into one of the ethernet ports on the back of the router. Leave your router plugged into your internet gateway. Great guide. Thanks for posting. Did a quick Google search and found some discussion around TM-AC issues with that firmware but it has only been a couple days since it came out. Downloaded the previous version of the Asus firmware, Version 3. Upon reboot of the router, it reverted back to the original TM-AC 3.

Which update firmware version should I be using? I ran into a similar problem. I tried to re-do the whole thing.

But all attempts of downgrading to has failed even though I could get in mini CFE. Are you able to downgrade? Hey I am having this exact issue. Followed steps, everything went smoothly third router I am doing this on. However, for this one, when I tried to flash Merlin, my FW reverted back and it seems that I can no longer downgrade either. Same to me! I tried every thing but nothing happened! I too have the same problem as three previous post.

Can some please shed some light on the subject and that would be greatly appreciated. I was able to follow these steps and flashed the router to AC68P. Everything worked until….. I tried to flash the latest Merlin while plugged in a external hard drive. I unplugged and restarted the router, only to find out the router was reverted back to TM firmware 3.

Fine, I thought no big deal just re-do the whole thing. There comes the problem. What was wrong with the router? Did the unsuccessful attempt flashing it the Merlin broke it? I can still get in the router interface and use it as Tmobile…. So I had mine setup as a aimesh node, and it was working… then I deviced to update the firmware.

Seem like my router is now a TM-AC again with 3. The only way I can get the recovery page to show up is the hold down the reset button while hitting If you figure this out please let me know…..

Found a post from Frank and it worked!!!!!!! Long story short, keep the reset button held in order to upload the old version of firmware once you are running the new tmobile firmware v xxx. From Frank!! Thank you Frank if you see this!!!! Once you have ssh is totally easy.

Been there, did that. Still invalid firmware. I just followed the guide on two units. I used the 1. Is everything ok up to here? However, I do have SSH. Assuming all is ok, can someone tell me what is the latest Merlin firmware that I can upgrade to without reverting to some TM CFE stock option? I can no longer downgrade firmwares. It locked it. If I try to use a previous firmware I get a firmware no valid error from the miniweb page. Also, asus restore utility does not detect a rescue mode so unhappy!

I was successful in flashing to a AC68P. It says invalid firmware. I think we are unlucky and got locked out. I then made the mistake to update the firmware on my original AC68U.

This updated both routers to 3. The TM was running but no longer part of the network. I had to do a factory reset of the TM You press and hold the reset button on the router until the power light on the router begins to flash, and then release the button. Wait until it reboots and then connect to it. Set it up as a standard router then log back in and enable SSH.

So the most recent firmware the TM can run is 3. My AC68U is still running v When it does that, it probably? Worked for me!!!! I had little trouble loading Mini-CFE but after few minutes the page loaded and everthing went smooth. I just completed another TM-AC conversion last night. I had the same problem as many above that from the T-mobile 3. The last safe version is was no longer available. I found the a link to the version on a dutch website.

Since the file came from an Asus server, most likely will be removed soon. So hurry up before it goes. As far as the upgrade from , last week I found instruction on snbforum with couple of lines of code which I was able to use and update my other without reverting my router to TM. Unfortunately Asus made snbforum remove the whole discussion from their site so I no longer have it. Does anybody have the instructions.

I found the instructions on Google cache. I tried it on a router last week and worked. Any tips on how to transform a router that was rolled back to TM-AC? Basically as near as I can tell, what is needed is either a way to change the firmware signatures to something that will be accepted, or another way to gain shell access. Until there is a solution, I would highly recommend against trying to use the Asus Firmwares, as at any time your router could permanently revert to broken firmware.

I have 3. I can get to the mini cfe flashing page but still I get invalid firmware when I try to downgrade. I too downloaded latest merlin firmware and it got reverted back to t-mobile firmware and now stuck with this firmware. Anybody have a solution? I tried holding reset while flashing but also a no go with this firmware. Someone please help us. Also the threads trying to fix this issue at SNB forums have been deleted today making it harder to find information on this.

Go grab it off of the google cache while you can! I tried to grab a bunch of the latest pages that included the fix for updating to the latest firmware. Do you remember any of the steps or what you did? Posting them, even if partial, may help others figure out a way. And issued a notice they will be removing any additional discussion on their site about converting these routers. Time to move the discussion here. I managed to salvage the important steps to upgrade to the latest firmware. Use at your own risk, but I personally tested with my 3 units:.

This is the latest as of April 12, and works with AiMesh once you follow this mini-guide. Follow the instructions on this page. They work perfectly. Make sure when you get to step 15, where you select the version select 1.

Once you get to step 22 and everything is nice and dandy, you will want to do a manual firmware upgrade to the firmware. The router will reboot, wait for it the usual 2 minutes. This will delete the TMobile certificates on the router, and will let you update to newer firmware.

Now you can manually update the firmware to the version, the latest available now as of April 12, I dunno if this is future proof. You can update using the user interface manually without issues. If you are paranoid, you can putty to the router once you finish and re-flash the 1. Before you proceed to anything other step,. Since snbforums has decided to deleted all traces of flashing TM to the latest AImesh firmware I wanted to post this code that Vortex posted to get you on the latest firmware without it reverting back to a TM There are other steps involved and this code is ONLY for wiping the MD5 partition so stock firmware will not revert it back.

The T-Mobile router. This is not my own code and all credit goes to out to all the great guys that contributed to the SmallNetBuilders forum thread that got deleted. I am currently on firmware version Just to be clear, if I perform these steps, I can then upgrade to v using the built-in firmware upgrade method and I will retain aimesh functionality?

I was on I decided against using aimesh and went back to an ethernet-connected AP. Now we just need the information on how to recover a TMO router that has been auto rolled back to the TMO firmware and one is having trouble flashing new firmware to the unit. The webserver in question is just the ASUS built in recovery mini webserver. It becomes increasingly hard to push the router into recovery mode. Change the PC IP to Find a steady way to hold the Reset button on the router, because you will spend a lot holding it.

Open a Command Prompt on your PC and use the command: ping -t Open your web browser and type on the address bar Here comes the fun part. Wait 10 seconds more. Power back on still holding reset. Look at your command window and wait for the exact moment when the router starts again to respond to pings. Press enter on the web browser so the mini-cfe webserver starts. Press refresh a million times. It will open eventually.

If you are unsuccesful after around 15 pings or so, start over. Once the miniweb server opens, you have a few seconds to click browse and select the first firmware mentioned in the guide on this page. When you start the flashing, release the Reset button.

Nothing will happen but wait… like 3 minutes. It will eventually say success and you will be able to start the guide over here along the extra steps I mentioned before. It would be nice to get the people who figured this all out to make a Reddit thread or something…. Router hacking has been around for a long time and also this is an older model anyways? Then give Alex here the info to update this page. I believe it was XVortex and Ronald Schwerer…..

This does hurt ASUS a bit as many may choose to look elsewhere…. Webserver method from SNBforum is the only known way that could effectively hack into the router and allow downgrade to again. The webserver method is apparently NOT the steps mentioned elsewhere in this site.

See this link for a listing of cached pages from the now nuked SNBforum thread. Docbill page 61 Docbill page 61 Docbill page 61 Docbill page 61 Docbill page 62 Docbill page 62 Docbill page 63 Docbill page 64 Docbill page Once SSH is enabled, previously discussed methods of pushing new firmware to the unit along with removing the MTD5 can be performed. It is probably best to join that other forum and contact user detsiwt or other users in that forum via PM to obtain the exploit workaround directions.

The general fear is if the exploit directions are published Asus will quickly patch the exploit locking people into the older vulnerable TMO firmware. Any luck fixing this. I updated my router Ac and it disconnected from the unit as a node. I had followed all of the directions as indicated and the router was working great!

Until today when I logged on to the router and it indicated there was a firmware update. After running the update the router is back to the TM AC firmware. I have upgraded to 3. IP is at How do I fix it so I can use AiMesh. Thanks for your help! I could not for the life of me get the MiniCFE page to load to upload the older firmware, but I was able to put it in rescue mode. This is a great article. I do have a question regarding the recent updates and AIMesh. I used the AM version of the update, but do not see any additional functionality in the firmware to actually enable AM.

Am I missing something? Maybe a factor of FW roll-back? Because my router also has been roll-backed to TM firmware while upgrading to , but luckily it was available to downgrade to TM again. I followed the given procedure and indeed it worked. The problem was that media bridge connections kept getting dropped. I then upgraded to the latest Asus FW 3. So when I attempted a flash of Merlin That is some seriously malicious code by Asus.

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