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Zerodha api price – zerodha api price

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Create an equity object and get the current price with the TradingMachine python library using the Zerodha Kite Connect REST API. Zerodha API specs, API docs, OpenAPI support, SDKs, GraphQL, developer docs, CLI, IDE plugins, API pricing, developer experience, authentication, and API styles. algo_programmer August API client. We are using API and we are able to stream live bid, ask prices. 1. How often does Zerodha update live bids and ask prices? (Latency of Zerodha data feed) I am getting live bid, ask through onTick () call back. 2.

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Zerodha – India’s biggest stock broker offering the lowest, cheapest brokerage rates for futures and options, commodity trading, equity and mutual funds. We don’t have videos for this API yet. Get in touch to suggest profile updates.

We don’t have tips for this API yet. Get in touch if you want to submit a tip. API Tracker Zerodha. Stock Trading Investment Trading. Links Website Terms Privacy policy. Alternatives -. Zerodha API profile. API styles -. Developer docs -. API Reference -. Webhooks -. Webhooks management API -. Sandbox environment -. Identity protocols -.

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Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you’re new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories Recent Discussions Activity.

Categories After spending time in trading, got to know that without any technical analysis going for trading blindly is not good. So started learning technical analysis so that I can do trading with much better sense. After learning technical analysis, I have realised that being a software engineer, I can write an algo which can automatically do analysis on behalf of me and do trading. So I started researching about the stock market data api and I got to know that Zerodha has been already providing the api.

That’s very nice. I can write my own algo. So started exploring the kite api documentation and finally got to know that zerodha API is not free for individual developers. I totally disappointed. I want to create my own algo engine and if it works then want to create recommendation engine for others.

So others can also take advantage but entry point for getting data is too high as per indian market for individual developer. No one knows which idea get good success with good efforts like Zerodha. I know that you have kept free for startups but to become a startup, first we need to act upon the idea and if it works then only we can invest much for on our idea.

If you would open your api for free, then it may possible that many developers can try their idea with your api and some idea may get the good success. Free apis will be your help to them. Angel has opened its smart API for free. Good gesture for developer community. I just want to hear from you guys. What are your thoughts? Thank you sir. Regards, Vivek Satasiya.

Hi satasiyavivek , You can check out this thread. There is a lot of effort and resources being used to keep the APIs up and running. Our team keeps improving even the tiny aspect that makes the API more reliable and faster. We can assure you that Kite Connect is the best service in the industry in terms of quality, simplicity, and reliability. There is an operational cost as well for running the same.

All the factors are considered before deciding the pricing. If you still have doubts you can write to kiteconnect at zerodha. Hi sujith , Thank you for your quick reply. Yes I agree with you. You have your limitations as well as expenses. Thank you guys. Will look into your apis in the future once I am able to afford. Till then, Angel’s smart api is the only option for me.

Thank you. BA May Hello satasiyavivek, I am looking for readymade algo software for my trading. You can call me on Right now, it applies to only cash equity segment. This is one of the major difference between global companies and Indian unicorns. Giving back to the community is very less and they want to make more and more with giving less to the community. Rs2K on top of all the commissions is the RIP off and amount of servers you will be investing on is real peanuts considering the amount you are making.

I’m not another exchange to give you false feedback and this is one of my honest feedback and you can have free plan with limits which is very valid , but asking for even basic stuff is not acceptable. With due respect, Your api management is worst in industry. If a person wants to automate his trade he need to create request tokens again and again with is irritating and is totally against automated process.

Most of useful things like BO orders are discontinued then how can you call yourself best in industry. You charge even for historical data which is scam on another level. If a person wants to automate his trade he need to create request tokens again and again with is irritating No, you have to generate request token only once a day, using the login flow.

Go through the authentication login flow here. You charge even for historical data Pricing related query is already answered in this thread. Go through the forum FAQs , it explains all your queries. We don’t recommend using passive-aggressive comments on this forum, so we have deleted your another thread. If this repeats, we will be forced to ban the user.


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